About Our Team


The Sole Factory is committed to providing our community with a safe and exciting place to buy, sell and trade sneakers! We launched in early 2021 hosting local sneaker events with the intention to bring our community together as one for a day. Since our first event back on May 2nd 2021, we have grown exponentially all from the love and support from you all!

It all started with our team brainstorming ideas to find ways to get involved with our community. Originally, we were going to become an Instagram page that raffles sneakers and popular clothing to give folks the opportunity to win expensive items for as little as $20. We gave it a shot and it went well, but we didn't believe it was the best way to get involved with the community. After a lot of thought, we decided to bring a sneaker event to Holyoke, MA. It took about two months to plan, but after a ton of work, we provided food, music, raffles, and over 50 vendors with thousands of sneakers in the parking lot! Since then we have hosted numerous events and were even blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Springfield Thunderbirds back in September 2021. 

Hosting events is our passion, but we wanted to expand our ways of providing our customers with a safe and stress-free place to buy sneakers. Our online store was the answer to that! We created The Sole Factory Online to give you all a reliable place to purchase 100% authentic sneakers, snag some awesome merch, and get to know us a little more. We will provide you with weekly sneaker drops, exclusive and limited merchandise, and event recaps after every show! 

We come to work every single day simply because we love what we do. The amount of support we receive a day in and day out is incredible. We would not be where we are today without you all! Thank you to all of our supporters for sticking with us throughout our journey. We hope to see you at future events! 

Oh, and BTW…TSF will be in a city near you soon!